Sentence Examples

  • Stress caused by work, marital dissatisfaction, family break-up caused by divorce, entering a step-family relationship, lower family income or increasing expenses, all produce increased individual and family stress.
  • The songs chronicle Ruess' break-up with his longtime girlfriend (the title refers to the fact that every time Ruess and his girlfriend got back together, they bought a dog in hopes of "fixing" their relationship).
  • A group of 90 literary agents, film industry managers and movie producers read the scripts submitted.Past winners have included Patrick Andrew O'Connor's The Break-Up Artist and Rodney Johnson's Queen Sized.
  • No matter what precipitated the break-up, co-parents benefit from treating child-rearing issues like business deals and avoid letting emotions cloud their judgment during any co-parenting communications.
  • This also explains why people break-up and get back together over and over again until someone decides the pain of the break-ups in not worth the short-term high of getting back together.