Pick Synonyms and Antonyms

An implement for picking
A blow with a pointed instrument
The superlative or most preferable part of something
  1. best
  2. choice
  3. cream
  4. crème de la crème
  5. elite
  6. flower
  7. prize
  8. top
*A choice selection
  1. choice
  2. best
  3. elect
  4. select
  5. cream
  6. chosen
  7. selection
  8. upper per cent
  9. top
  10. topnotchers
  11. aces
  12. plectron
  13. option
  1. rejection
To deprive, especially by pecking or plucking
  1. pluck
  2. strip
  3. defeather
  4. peck
  5. pinfeather
  6. pull off
  7. beak
  8. plunk
To use a pointed instrument
Harass with constant criticism
  1. blame
  2. find-fault
Attack with or as if with a pickaxe of ice or rocky ground, for example
  1. break up
The best people or things in a group
  1. cream

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