Crack Up Synonyms and Antonyms

*To crash a vehicle
  1. collide
  2. be in an accident
  3. smash up
  4. total
*To laugh
  1. crack
  2. break up
  3. roar
  4. howl
  5. burst-out-laughing
  6. roll-in-the-aisles
  7. crock up
  8. collapse
To fail suddenly in health, mind, or strength
  1. go to pieces
  2. decline
  3. fail
  4. deteriorate
  5. sicken
  6. collapse
  7. succumb
  8. break down
  9. go-crazy
  10. go-mad
  11. become insane
  12. have a nervous breakdown
  13. become psychotic
  14. be committed to a hospital
  15. be committed to an institution
  16. fall-apart
  17. burn out
  18. crack
  19. flip-out
  20. flip-one-s-lid
  21. freak-out
  22. go out of one's mind
  23. blow one's mind
  24. go off one's rocker
  25. go off the deep end
  26. come apart at the seams
  27. lose-it
A mental or physical breakdown
  1. breakdown
Break down mentally
  1. be calm

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