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Another word for collide

  1. To come together or come up against with force

      1. To hit or knock against something:
      2. To hit or knock against with a jolt; collide lightly with
      3. (Sports) To bump a volleyball.
      1. To get a place to sleep temporarily
      2. (Informal) To get into (a party, theater, etc.) without an invitation, ticket, etc.
      3. To cause (a car, airplane, etc.) to crash
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Another word for collide

  1. To come into violent contact

      1. To perform (a shot or maneuver) successfully:
      2. (Baseball) To execute (a base hit) successfully:
      3. To attack:
      1. To begin to move:
      2. To hit with the hand or a tool, weapon, etc.; smite
      3. To indicate the time by making a percussive or chiming sound:
      1. To hit (a tennis ball, badminton bird, etc.) with a hard overhand stroke
      2. To break suddenly into pieces, as from a violent blow or collision:
      3. (Sports) To hit a ball, puck, or shuttlecock in a forceful overhand stroke.
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  2. To come into conflict

      1. To collide or strike together with a loud, harsh, metallic noise
      2. To meet in violent conflict:
      3. To come into conflict; disagree sharply
      1. (Obs.) To fight; battle; contend
      2. To be antagonistic, incompatible, or contradictory; be in opposition; clash
      3. To be in or come into opposition; differ.
      1. To fail to correspond:
      2. (Intransitive) To not agree (harmonize).
      3. To differ in opinion; often, specif., to quarrel or dispute
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