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Another word for decompose

  1. To reduce or become reduced to pieces or components

  2. To become or cause to become rotten or unsound

      1. To change the position of so that the underside becomes the upper side:
      2. To get by buying and selling:
      3. To divert or deflect:
      1. To affect or associate with something undesirable or reprehensible:
      2. To affect with putrefaction or decay; spoil
      3. To become tainted
      1. To impair or destroy the value or quality of; ruin:
      2. To be damaged or injured in such a way as to become useless, valueless, etc.; specif., to decay, as food
      3. To become unfit for use or consumption, as from decay. Used especially of perishables, such as food.
      1. To fall or pass (off, away, etc.) by decaying
      2. To decay morally; become degenerate.
      3. To disappear or fall by decaying:
      1. To reach an advanced stage of decomposition.
      2. To decay or cause to decay and have a foul odor.
      3. To become filled with a pus-like or bile-like substance.
      1. To cause to crumble.
      2. To crumble into dust; decay; waste away
      3. To decay to dust, to disintegrate from rot.
      1. (Intransitive) To fall apart, break up into parts.
      2. To undergo or cause to undergo a nuclear transformation as a result of radioactive decay or a nuclear reaction
      3. To become reduced to components, fragments, or particles.
      1. To grow worse; degenerate:
      2. To make or become worse; lower in quality or value; depreciate
      3. To diminish or impair in quality, character, or value:
      1. To lose strength, soundness, health, beauty, prosperity, etc. gradually; waste away; deteriorate
      2. (Physics) To disintegrate in a process of radioactive decay or particle decay.
      3. To fall into ruin:
      1. (Ergative) (to cause) to decay, to decompose
      2. (Ergative, figuratively) to divide into parts to give more details, to provide a more indepth analysis of
      3. (Ergative, figuratively) to render or to become unstable due to stress, to collapse physically or mentally

Another word for decompose