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Another word for thrive

  1. To do or fare well

      1. To record or add (points) to one's score
      2. (--- Baseball) To bring (a runner) home as by getting a hit
      3. To get (a specified grade) on a test
      1. (Archaic) To cause to prosper
      2. To be fortunate or successful, especially in terms of one's finances; thrive.
      3. To succeed, thrive, grow, etc. in a vigorous way
      1. To proceed or move according to:
      2. (Informal) To urinate or defecate:
      3. To be discarded or abolished:
      1. (Now Rare) To write in an ornamental style
      2. To grow vigorously; succeed; thrive; prosper
      3. To ornament with something flowery or fanciful
      1. To utter or give forth with a deep, resonant sound:
      2. To move or position using a crane:
      3. To go rapidly along; move with speed or vigor
  2. To grow rapidly and luxuriantly

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Another word for thrive

  1. To grow vigorously

  2. To prosper