Score Synonyms and Antonyms

An incision, a notch, or a slight cut made with or as if with a knife
A tally
  1. count
  2. tally
  3. stock
  4. counterstock
  5. countertally
  6. reckoning
  7. record
  8. average
  9. rate
  10. account
  11. grudge
  12. mark
  13. number
  14. grasp the situation
  15. be aware
  16. comprehend
  17. grade
  18. grievance
The total of the scores, sense 1
  1. summation
  2. aggregate
  3. sum
  4. addition
  5. summary
  6. account
  7. amount
  8. final tally
  9. final-account
A very large number of things grouped together.
Written music
To make a single score
  1. make a goal
  2. gain a point
  3. win a point
  4. rack-up
  5. chalk-up
To evaluate and assign a grade to
  1. grade
  2. mark
*To copulate
  1. tally
  2. have intercourse with
  3. post
  4. sleep with
  5. hit
  6. lie-with
  7. fornicate
  8. notch
  9. rack-up
To compose a musical accompaniment
*To purchase legally or illegally
To do or fare well
  1. smooth
  2. mend
A written form of a musical composition; parts for different instruments appear on separate staves on large pages
  1. musical score
A seduction culminating in sexual intercourse
  1. sexual conquest

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