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Another word for fester

  1. To ulcerate or decay

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  2. To cause bitterness

      1. To cause or cause to have long-lasting anger, rancor, resentment, etc.
      2. To become sore or inflamed; fester:
      3. To cause (someone) to feel irritated or resentful:
      1. To burn and smoke without flame; be consumed by slow combustion
      2. To burn with little smoke and no flame.
      3. To exist in a suppressed state:
      1. To wear away or make sore by abrasion; chafe:
      2. To irk or exasperate; vex:
      3. To become worn or sore by abrasion.
      1. To cause suffering or hardship for:
      2. To be a widespread or continuous problem or defect in:
      3. To afflict with a plague
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