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Another word for inflame

  1. To stir to action or feeling

  2. To cause to become sore or inflamed

      1. To cause sharp, sudden, smarting pain to, by or as by pricking with a sharp point
      2. To cause to feel a sharp, smarting pain:
      3. To cause or feel sharp, smarting pain, either physical or mental
      1. To cause someone to feel impatient or angry; annoy:
      2. (Physiol.) To excite (an organ, muscle, etc.) to a characteristic action or function by a stimulus
      3. (Physiology) To cause a physiological response to a stimulus in (a cell, body tissue, or organism).
      1. To cause a burn to a bodily tissue.
      2. To be very eager:
      3. To harden or impart a finish to by subjecting to intense heat; fire:
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Another word for inflame

  1. To irritate

  2. To arouse emotions

  3. To cause physical soreness

  4. To burn