Sentence Examples

  • It also has plastic rings that connect the straps and the body of the bra, which can cut or chafe when active, as well as make for a less durable bra.
  • That's what 50 Webs is counting on - that you'll like their service but begin to chafe under the limitations of size, of one email account, and decide to purchase one of their larger plans.
  • Fit is everything when it comes to buying baby kids shoes, and it's important to make sure that your baby's new shoes won't pinch or chafe.
  • Other women find that if they have been wearing bras with clear straps, which can chafe, they need some extra padding for a day or two.
  • They won't chafe, ride up or, for the most part, show their panty lines if they fit properly and you are wearing the right clothing.