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Another word for grind

  1. A difficult or tedious job

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  2. A drudge

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  1. To pulverize

  2. To sharpen

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  3. Oppress

      1. To cause irritation to (another); make somewhat angry.
      2. To be annoying
      3. (Archaic) To harass or disturb by repeated attacks.
      1. To subject (another) to hostile or prejudicial remarks or actions; pressure or intimidate.
      2. To trouble, worry, or torment, as with cares, debts, repeated questions or demands, etc.
      3. To trouble by repeated raids or attacks, etc.; harry
      1. To annoy persistently; bother:
      2. To trouble or annoy constantly
      3. To afflict or harass constantly so as to injure or distress; oppress cruelly, esp. for reasons of religion, politics, or race
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