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Another word for labor

  1. The act of doing work

      1. Energetic action or movement; liveliness.
      2. An educational process or procedure intended to stimulate learning through actual experience.
      3. A physiological process:
      1. A net or snare; any thread, web, or string spread for taking prey; usually in the plural.
      2. Something that binds, snares, or entangles one; an entrapment:
      3. Labour, work
      1. (Mathematics) A process or action, such as addition, substitution, transposition, or differentiation, performed in a specified sequence and in accordance with specific rules.
      2. A process or series of acts involved in a particular form of work:
      3. An instance or method of efficient, productive activity:
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  2. Work to be done

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  3. Exertion required in work

      1. Something done or produced through exertion; an achievement:
      2. The using of energy to get something done; exertion of strength or mental power
      3. The force needed by a machine to accomplish work on a load.
      1. The act or an instance of exerting, especially a strenuous effort.
      2. Energetic activity; effort
      3. The act, fact, or process of exerting; active use of strength, power, etc.; exercise
      1. Those resources, as petroleum, coal, gas, wind, nuclear fuel, and sunlight, from which energy in the form of electricity, heat, etc. can be produced
      2. Vitality and intensity of expression:
      3. The capacity for work or vigorous activity:
      1. A standardized tradition of toolmaking associated with a specified tool or culture:
      2. (Archaeology) A collection of artifacts or tools made from a specified material:
      3. Earnest, steady effort; constant diligence in or application to work
      1. The quality of being diligent; constant, careful effort; perseverance
      2. (Law) The degree of attention or care expected of a person in a given situation
      3. Earnest and persistent application to an undertaking; steady effort; assiduity.
      1. Change in form or size, or both, resulting from stress or force
      2. A wrench, twist, or other physical injury resulting from excessive tension, effort, or use.
      3. Extreme or laborious effort, exertion, or work.
      1. Force exerted upon a body, that tends to strain or deform its shape
      2. A stimulus or circumstance causing such a condition:
      3. A condition of metabolic or physiologic impairment in an organism, occurring usually in response to adverse events and capable of causing physical damage:
      1. Force exerted in pulling or required to overcome resistance in pulling:
      2. A difficult, continuous effort, as in climbing
      3. (Slang) A means of gaining special advantage; influence:
      1. (Informal) Persevering energy; enterprise:
      2. A thing to be pushed so as to work a mechanism
      3. A vigorous effort, campaign, etc.
      1. Work that is hard, menial, or tiresome
      1. Labor pains; pains of childbirth
      2. Hardship; trouble
      3. Work, especially when arduous or involving painful effort; toil.
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  4. The body of workers

  5. Childbirth

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