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Another word for learn

  1. To gain knowledge or mastery of by study

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  3. To commit to memory

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  5. To obtain knowledge or awareness of something not known before, as through observation or study

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Synonym Study

  • Unearth , in its figurative sense, implies a bringing to light, as by diligent search, of something that has been concealed, lost, or forgotten to unearth old documents, to unearth a secret
  • Discover implies a finding out, either by chance or by exploration or study, of something already existing or known to others to discover a star, to discover a plot
  • Determine stresses intention to establish the facts exactly, often so as to settle something in doubt to determine the exact denotation of a word
  • Ascertain implies a finding out with certainty, as by careful inquiry, experimentation, or research I ascertained the firm's credit rating
  • Learn , as considered here, implies a finding out of something, often without conscious effort I learned of their marriage from a friend