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Another word for intuit

  1. To be intuitively aware of

      1. Any of the faculties by which stimuli from outside or inside the body are received and felt, as the faculties of hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste, and equilibrium.
      2. A perception or feeling produced by a stimulus; sensation:
      3. The faculties of sensation as means of providing physical gratification and pleasure.
      1. To become aware of (something) directly through any of the senses, especially sight or hearing:
      2. To cause or allow the mind to become aware of (a stimulus):
      3. To achieve understanding of; apprehend:
      1. To perceive through the sense of touch:
      2. To perceive as a physical sensation:
      3. To touch:
      1. To take into custody; arrest:
      2. To grasp mentally; understand:
      3. To become conscious of, as through the emotions or senses; perceive: