Sentence Examples

  • Belle, star of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, is a bookish yet beautiful girl who agrees to live in the Beast's castle in exchange for the promise of her father's safety.
  • The women on the first season of Momma's Boys ranged from Penthouse Pets to bookish librarian types.
  • A bookish man with glasses, wearing a white lab coat, opened the door to the small house.
  • It is with Aristotle that the bookish tradition begins to dominate the evolution of logic. The technical perfection of the analysis which he offers is, granted the circle of presuppositions within which it works, so decisive, that what precedes, even Plato's logic, is not unnaturally regarded as merely preliminary and subsidiary to it.
  • In our own day, when the literary medium of Scotland is identical with that of England, the term Scottish literature has been reserved for certain dialectal revivals, more or less bookish in origin, and often as artificial and as unrelated to existing conditions as the most " aureate " and Chaucerian " Ynglis " of the 1 5th century was to the popular speech of that time.