Sentence Examples

  • 67 a, lettered in the usual manner, correspond to the forces indicated by arrows in fig.
  • I intend the price of them, bound in calves' leather, and lettered, to be 9 shillings here.
  • VII, Usually considered to be the tergum of the genital somite, but suggested by Pocock to be that of the other [According to the system of numbering explained in the text, if VII is the tergum of the praegenital somite (as is probable) it should be labelled Prg without any number, and the somites VIII to XIII should be lettered 1 to 6, indicating that they are the six normal somites of the mesosoma; whilst XV to XVIII should be replaced by the numbers 7 to 12 - an additional suppressed segment (making up the typical six) being reckoned to the metasomatic fusion.] (From Lankester, Q.
  • Spottiswoode married Rachel, daughter of David Lindsay, bishop of Ross, and besides a daughter left two sons, Sir John Spottiswoode of Dairsie in Fife, and Sir Robert, president of ' To each of his comrades in this journey Spotswood presented a small golden horseshoe, lettered "Sic juvat transcendere montes."
  • 66, and lettered according to Bow's method.