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Another word for knowing

  1. Having or showing intelligence, often of a high order

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  2. Possessing or showing sound judgment and keen perception

      1. Having or showing good judgment; sagacious; prudent
      2. Having the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; sagacious:
      3. Exhibiting common sense; prudent:
      1. Of or relating to the existing human species (Homo sapiens)
      2. Having great wisdom and discernment.
      3. Full of knowledge; wise; sagacious; discerning
      1. Having or exhibiting wisdom and calm judgment.
      2. Showing wisdom and good judgment
      3. Wise, discerning, judicious, etc.
      1. (Obs.) Having a keen sense of smell
      2. Having or showing keen perception or discernment and sound judgment, foresight, etc.
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  3. Having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

Another word for knowing