Sentence Examples

  • Tacit knowledge is the knowledge or know-how that people carry in their heads.
  • By carefully investigating a company before signing up for discounted Internet access, and knowing what problems may occur, consumers can choose the best deal for their budget, patience, and technical know-how.
  • While every cheap tie won't be what you're looking for, with a little know-how and shopping savvy, you can find ties that won't empty your wallet, but can still complete your ensemble with a stylish touch.
  • While there may be more urgency in getting it exactly right when you're going on a long hike and everything has to fit, the daily lugging of heavy items also requires some serious packing know-how.
  • A DIY screen enclosure for your porch or patio can help you save money while keeping out the bugs on your seasonal porch, but it does require at least some degree of constructional know-how.