Want Synonyms and Antonyms

wŏnt, wônt
To have a strong longing for
To desire
  1. desire
  2. require
  3. aspire
  4. choose
  5. hanker after
  6. have an urge for
  7. incline toward
  8. fancy
  9. covet
  10. crave
  11. long-for
  12. lust for
  13. like
  14. have a fondness for
  15. have a passion for
  16. have ambition
  17. please
  18. thirst after
  19. hunger after
  20. be greedy for
  21. ache
  22. will
  23. have a yen for
  24. have an itch for
  25. wish
The condition of lacking a needed or usual amount
To have a strong feeling to have (something); wish (to possess or do something); desire greatly:
  1. desire

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