Sentence Examples

  • We've all been there: in the stylist's chair ready to make a major change, only to be advised that the look we covet will result in damaged hair and split ends.
  • No matter what designer you covet or which styles you as a retailer would like to carry for your clientele, there are replica watches out there in every model and maker.
  • The company's wares are prestigious and elegant, and hold a certain allure for consumers who covet the famous logo as much as they covet the handbag itself.
  • If you'd like to be noticed without possessing the flair of a fire hydrant, then Curran's devotion to greens, blacks, grays, and almost passive pink polka dots will provide you with at least something to covet.
  • The commercial for Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker features the actress clad in a frothy Christian Lacroix gown, smashing a store window with her stiletto shoe in order to grab a bottle of Covet.