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Another word for hanker

  1. To have a strong longing for

      1. To have or give dull, steady pain
      2. To feel sympathy, pity, etc. (for)
      3. To yearn or long:
      1. To wish for (something) longingly.
      2. To feel strong or immoderate desire for (that which is another's).
      3. To want ardently (esp., something that another person has); long for with envy
      1. To express a wish for; request.
      2. To wish or long for; crave; covet
      3. To wish or long for; want:
      1. At a much earlier or a much later time than the time indicated; remotely
      2. To feel a strong yearning; wish earnestly
      3. Beyond a given boundary, limit, or goal:
      1. To give off loud puffs, especially while moving.
      2. To feel strong desire; yearn eagerly
      3. To long demonstratively; yearn:
      1. To waste (away) through grief, pain, longing, etc.
      2. To have an intense longing or desire; yearn
      3. To feel a lingering, often nostalgic desire.
      1. To have a need or lack
      2. To desire; wish or long
      3. To be inclined or desirous; wish:
      1. To have a desire; long; yearn
      2. To have or feel a desire:
      3. To long for; want.
      1. To be filled with longing or desire
      2. To have a strong, often sad longing:
      3. To feel deep pity, sympathy, or tenderness:
      1. To develop or improve
      2. To yearn; long
      3. To perfect or make more intense or effective:
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Another word for hanker

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