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Another word for exigency

  1. The condition of being in need of immediate assistance

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  2. A condition in which something necessary or desirable is required or wanted

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  3. A decisive point

      1. Any crucial or decisive moment
      2. The hour or moment at which a military attack or other important operation is to begin
      3. The scheduled time for the start of an operation or action, especially a combat operation of great size.
      1. A point at which something changes direction
      2. A point in time when a decisive change occurs
      3. The point at which a very significant change occurs; a decisive moment.
      1. A motion of the hand or the waving of a wand:
      2. A condition or situation, often critical in nature; a predicament:
      3. A motion of the hands that is meant to deceive, as in card tricks or magic; sleight of hand
      1. A place where two things are joined; a junction or joint.
      2. A particular or critical moment in the development of events; crisis
      3. (Linguis.) The transition from one speech sound to the next, either within a word, as between (t) and (r) in nitrate (close juncture), or marking the boundaries between words, as between (t) and (r) in night rate (open juncture)
      1. (Anatomy) The rounded proximal end of a long bone:
      2. The seat of the faculty of reason; intelligence, intellect, or mind:
      3. A portrait or representation of a person's head.
      1. A time in which important changes occur or major decisions must be made
      2. A small, usually rural community situated at an intersection of two or more roads:
      3. A crossroads (place where one road crosses another)
      1. A crucial or decisive point or situation, especially a difficult or unstable situation involving an impending change.
      2. A time of, or a state of affairs involving, great danger or trouble, often one which threatens to result in unpleasant consequences
      3. A sudden change in the course of a disease or fever, toward either improvement or deterioration.
      1. Any crucial period
      2. A critical stage, period, or year:
      3. A critical period or year in a person's life when major changes in health or fortune are thought to take place.
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  4. Something asked for or needed.

Another word for exigency

  1. A crisis

      1. Physical deterioration, as of a highway, caused by hard use over time:
      2. Bodily dysfunction or discomfort caused by disease or injury:
      3. The condition of being in need of immediate assistance:
      1. The quality or condition of being contingent; esp., dependence on chance or uncertain conditions
      2. The condition of being dependent on chance; uncertainty.
      3. A possibility that must be prepared for; a future emergency.
      1. A serious situation or occurrence that happens unexpectedly and demands immediate action.
      2. A situation which poses an immediate threat to human life or health and requires urgent assistance.
      3. A condition of urgent need for action or assistance:
  2. Demand

      1. Something urgent
      2. The quality or condition of being urgent; pressing importance:
      3. The quality or state of being urgent; need for action, haste, etc.; stress or pressure, as of necessity
      1. Something desired:
      2. A wish or desire for something; craving
      3. Pressing need; destitution:
      1. Something required or wanted; a requisite:
      2. A condition of poverty or misfortune:
      3. A condition of poverty, or extreme want