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Another word for contingency

  1. Something that may occur or be done

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Another word for contingency

  1. Possibility

      1. An equalizing advantage given or received in betting, based on a given bettor's assumed chance of winning and expressed as a ratio
      2. The ratio of the probabilities of an event happening to that of it not happening.
      3. The likelihood of the occurrence of one thing rather than the occurrence of another thing, as in a contest:
      1. The likelihood of something happening; possibility or probability:
      2. A force assumed to cause events that cannot be foreseen or controlled; luck:
      3. A favorable set of circumstances; an opportunity:
      1. The state of being probable; probability.
      2. The fact of being likely to happen; probability
      3. Something that is likely to happen
  2. Accident

      1. A pressing or urgent situation:
      2. Pressing needs; demands; requirements
      3. A situation calling for immediate action or attention
      1. A serious situation or occurrence that happens unexpectedly and demands immediate action.
      2. A situation which poses an immediate threat to human life or health and requires urgent assistance.
      3. A condition of urgent need for action or assistance:
      1. An event in a narrative or drama.
      2. A usually violent or disruptive occurrence, especially one that precipitates a larger crisis:
      3. An occurrence that interrupts normal procedure or functioning; a mishap:
      1. (Archaic) category
      2. (Logic) One of the basic states or classifications described by Aristotle into which all things can be placed; a category.
      3. A condition or situation, now specif. one that is difficult, unpleasant, embarrassing, or, sometimes, comical