Sentence Examples

  • But you also say that our oath of allegiance is a conditional matter, and to that I reply: 'You are my best friend, as you know, but if you formed a secret society and began working against the government- -be it what it may--I know it is my duty to obey the government.
  • These act as endowments for a specific period, and are conditional on the holder devoting his time to the investigation at first hand of some specified subject.
  • Certain sacrifices of animals he explains as intended to transfer a conditional curse.
  • In conditional baptism the Latins, since about the year 1227, use the formula, " If thou art not baptized, then do I baptize thee," &c. The Latins further insist on a strict observance of the traditional matter and form.
  • The decree of God is, when it concerns His own actions, absolute, but when it concerns man's, conditional, i.e.