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Another word for conditional

  1. Depending on or containing a condition or conditions

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  2. Determined or to be determined by someone or something else

      1. Being in a position or in circumstances that place one under the power or authority of another or others:
      2. Prone; disposed:
      3. Likely to incur or receive; exposed:
      1. Having or exhibiting reliance; dependent:
      1. Considered in comparison or relation to something else:
      2. Having pertinence or relevance; connected or related:
      3. Referring to or qualifying an antecedent, as the pronoun who in the man who was on TV or that in the dictionary that I use.
      1. Determined, influenced, or controlled by something else.
      2. Subordinate to another clause, phrase, or word.
      3. Relying on or requiring the aid or support of another:
      1. Liable but not certain to occur; possible:
      2. Dependent on other conditions or circumstances; conditional:
      3. Happening by or subject to chance or accident; unpredictable:
      1. Subject to or dependent on a condition or conditions.
      2. Physically fit.
      3. Prepared for a specific action or process.
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Another word for conditional

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