Sentence Examples

  • Personal surety appears as a complement of and substitute for collective responsibility.
  • In 1748, however, the company broke up, and Lessing, who had allowed himself to become surety for some of the actors' debts, was obliged to leave Leipzig too, in order to escape their creditors.
  • The payment of a debt is sometimes secured by one person, called a surety, who makes himself collaterally liable for the debt of the principal.
  • A statute of 1553 made the breaking or defacing of an altar, crucifix or cross in any church, chapel or churchyard punishable with three months' imprisonment on conviction before two justices, the imprisonment to be continued unless the offender entered into surety for good behaviour at quarter sessions.
  • The crown, as shown on Henry IV.'s effigy, very probably represents the celebrated "Harry crown" which was afterwards broken up and employed as surety for the loan required by Henry V.