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Another word for require

  1. To have as a need or prerequisite

  2. To be without what is needed, required, or essential

      1. To have a strong feeling to have (something); wish (to possess or do something); desire greatly:
      2. To desire (someone to do something):
      3. To request the presence or assistance of:
      1. A condition or situation in which something must be supplied in order for a certain condition to be maintained or a desired state to be achieved:
      2. Something required or wanted; a requisite:
      3. Necessity; obligation:
      1. Deficiency or absence:
      2. A particular deficiency or absence:
      3. To be without or in need of:
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  3. To ask for urgently or insistently

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  4. To oblige to do or not do by force of authority, propriety, or custom

      1. To assume to be true or real for the sake of argument or explanation:
      2. To believe, especially on uncertain or tentative grounds:
      3. To consider to be probable or likely:
      1. To look forward to the probable occurrence or appearance of:
      2. To consider likely or certain:
      3. To consider reasonable or due:
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Another word for require

  1. To need

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  2. To insist upon

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Synonym Study

  • Exact implies a demanding and the enforcing of the demand at the same time to exact a promise of help from her friends, to exact payment by the end of the week See also syn. study at lack.
  • Claim implies an assertion of one's right to possess something to claim a throne
  • Demand implies a calling for as due or necessary, connoting a peremptory exercise of authority or an imperative need to demand obedience
  • Require suggests a pressing need, often one inherent in the nature of a thing, or the binding power of rules or laws voters are required to register