Sentence Examples

  • Dean pulled out the photocopies of the old newspaper ads requesting information on Josh published first by Edith Plotke and later by her father.
  • Before this was completed, a message arrived from the House of Lords requesting a conference, which was granted.
  • Quinn will think were requesting something like a séance or spiritual encounter but if we don't humor Howie, he'll be devastated.
  • The negus, however, conformed to article 17 of the treaty of IJccialli by requesting Italy to represent Ahyssinia at the Brussels anti-slavery conference, an act which strengthened Italian illusions as to Meneleks readiness to submit to their protectorate.
  • According to Plutarch, he attempted to break the power of Corinth, by requesting the Corinthians to send him 1000 of their picked youths, ostensibly to aid him in war, his real intention being to put them to death; but the plot was revealed.