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Another word for highbrow

  1. Appealing to or engaging the intellect

      1. Relating to the brain or cerebrum.
      2. Appealing to or requiring the use of the intellect; intellectual rather than emotional:
      3. Of, appealing to, or conceived by the intellect rather than the emotions; intellectual
      1. Appealing to the intellect
      2. Rational rather than emotional:
      3. Appealing to or engaging the intellect:
      1. Very complex or complicated:
      2. Having or showing much worldly knowledge or cultural refinement:
      3. Suitable for or appealing to the tastes of sophisticates:
      1. Heedful, careful, attentive, etc.; esp., considerate of others; kind
      2. Exhibiting or characterized by careful thought:
      3. Engrossed in thought:
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