Sentence Examples

  • Wine Spectator is not the only information devoted to the elucidation of wine and published for the edification of those people wishing to imbibe the juicy fermented grape, but it is perhaps the most influential.
  • Voyages that originate in New Orleans allow passengers to soak up the city's southern charm, tour local landmarks and imbibe in an unlimited array of award-winning eateries before the ship even sets sail.
  • Hopefully these statics will convince everyone that it simply isn't worth the risk to drink and drive, especially during the holidays when people are more likely to imbibe.
  • "The highest wisdom and truth are like the purest liquid we may wish to imbibe," he said.
  • Fusca, even though fasting and kept for days in absolutely dry air, could never be induced to imbibe water, sugar-cane juice or extra vasated blood.