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Another word for guzzle

  1. To swallow (food or drink) greedily or rapidly in large amounts

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  2. To take alcoholic liquor, especially excessively or habitually

Another word for guzzle

      1. To flood with water, as for washing or rinsing:
      2. To swirl (a liquid) around in a container or in one's mouth:
      3. To drink greedily or grossly:
      1. To drink deeply in a hearty or thirsty way
      2. To drink a liquid heartily:
      3. To drink (a beverage) heartily:
      1. To drink (usually by gulping or in a greedy or unrefined manner); to quaff.
      2. (Nautical) To take up the last bit of slack in rigging by taking a single turn around a cleat, then hauling on the line above and below the cleat while keeping tension on the line (also: sweating)
      3. To drink (liquid) or engage in drinking liquid in great gulps.
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