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Another word for slosh

  1. To hurl or scatter liquid upon

      1. A splash of water or other liquid hitting a solid surface.
      2. The sound of such a splash.
      3. A narrow channel through which tides flow.
      1. Water or other liquid moving in a mass of dispersed droplets, as from a wave.
      2. A moving mass of particles or projectiles:
      3. A fine jet of liquid discharged from a pressurized container.
      1. To spatter (a surface or object), especially to soil with splashes of liquid.
      2. To cause (a liquid) to fall on a surface or object.
      3. To spatter, especially to fall or strike something so as to cause splashes.
      1. To propel or scatter (a fluid) about in flying masses.
      2. To scatter fluid onto (a surface) in flying masses; wet, stain, or soil with flying fluid.
      3. To cause (something) to scatter fluid in flying masses:
      1. To scatter (a liquid, for example) in drops or small amounts:
      2. To spot, splash, or soil with drops or small amounts:
      3. To strike or land on in a dispersed way:
      1. Spilled or splashed liquid.
      2. Soft mud or slush.
      3. Unappetizing watery food or soup.
      1. To move with haste; rush:
      2. To strike violently; smash:
      3. To break or smash by striking violently:
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