Sentence Examples

  • A sloppy business card, like wearing a stained business shirt and an outdated tie, conveys an "I don't care about myself and I don't care about you or your project" notion.
  • Monster design is somewhat sloppy towards the end as you encounter the same exact mobs you killed as a lower level grunt, only now they're a different color and bigger.
  • They can be worn with a loose white button-down shirt and then you are decked out for summer but still smart, rather than sloppy, as you are with so many modern styles.
  • Many gamers also prefer using the precise combination of keyboard and mouse to control their first-person shooter games, rather than the more sloppy console joystick.
  • While some of the photos are purposely unflattering and in some cases downright mean and embarrassing to the subject at hand, the site really does prove a point - celebrities can be just as awkward, sloppy, and average as the rest of us.