Sentence Examples

  • The value of this reinforcement at this particular moment can hardly be overestimated.
  • But it is in the design of steel concrete beams that the greatest ingenuity has been shown, and almost every patentee of a "system" has some new device for arranging the steel reinforcement to the best advantage.
  • His favorite Joyeuse was to defeat the king of Navarre, whose forces were very weak, while Guise was to deal with the strong reinforcement of Germans that Elizabeth was sending to Henry of Navarre.
  • He also detailed the 27th Div., in reserve on the Tagliamento, to be ready as a further reinforcement and formed a further artillery reserve of To heavy batteries.
  • But in a thin slab, with its comparatively small span and light load, the concrete is generally strong enough to bear the shearing stresses unaided, and the reinforcement is devoted to assisting it where the tensile stresses occur.