Sentence Examples

  • If you just want to browse, they will be happy to let you peruse the selection without undue pressure or coercion, and they are able to answer any questions about pieces on display or those that may be currently backordered or coming soon.
  • When you peruse the pages of black hair magazines searching for your potential hairstyle, you should note that the long, shiny tresses sported by many black models are the result of weaves, extensions, wigs and even half wigs.
  • For more help on a variety of video games, not only for the Xbox but also for just about every other major video game console, be sure to peruse through the cheat code archive that we have on this site as well.
  • Upon receiving an engagement announcement, the first reaction many people have is to peruse a selection of engagement cards to find a way to express the perfect sentiments of romance, excitement, and congratulations to the new couple.
  • Since 1881, American gardeners have enjoyed the wintertime ritual of opening their mailbox, grabbing the Burpee flower catalog, and settling by the fire to peruse the gorgeous pictures and descriptions of plants for sale.