Sentence Examples

  • Once he has his allies assembled, can they uncover who is behind this sinister plot before it is too late?
  • However, I did uncover many selections not usually sampled by a western sweet tooth such as: desserts made with beans, won ton sweet rolls, sesame seed fried custard, white fungus with rock sugar, and deep-fried watermelon.
  • Researching a variety of wine accessories online turned up very little in the way of Copco wine bottle stoppers, except for those designed by Karim Rashid, but it did uncover a plethora of other wine stopper options.
  • Dream research continues to fine tune the previous theories as scientists uncover more and more about the brain's functions during REM sleep and as scientific measuring equipment improves.
  • A good travel agent can uncover myriad opportunities to match your interests, such as museum treks, biking, outlet shopping, golf packages, special performing arts performances, historical recreation, and food and wine festivals.