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Another word for denude

  1. To make bare

      1. To remove the cover from:
      2. To manifest or disclose; reveal:
      3. To remove the hat from, as in respect or reverence.
      1. To remove clothing or covering from:
      2. To remove or take off (clothing or covering):
      3. To remove an exterior coating, as of paint or varnish, from:
      1. To subject or allow to be subjected to an action, influence, or condition:
      2. To subject (a photographic film, for example) to the action of light.
      3. To deprive of shelter or protection; lay open to danger or harm:
      1. To strip, as of clothes.
      2. To deprive, as of rights or property; dispossess.
      3. To free of; rid:
      1. To remove the clothing or covering from.
      2. To undress oneself.
      1. Lacking the usual or appropriate covering or clothing; naked:
      2. Exposed to view; undisguised:
      3. Lacking the usual furnishings, equipment, or decoration:
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Another word for denude