Sentence Examples

  • Pesto purists, the contestants mince, crush and pulverize the pungent varieties of basil, mix it with classic cheeses and experiment with everything from the traditional pine nuts to black beans and jicama.
  • High-speed digital emulsification system Pulverize and liquefy whole fruits and vegetables in seconds for juicing or smoothies using the almost two-horsepower motor, 1100 watts of power, and culinary-grade stainless steel blades.
  • They are exceedingly hard and difficult to pulverize, odourless, bitter and readily confused with black mustard seeds.
  • It is therefore necessary not only to pulverize the soil by repeated ploughings before it be seeded, but, as it becomes gradually more and more compressed afterwards, recourse must be had to tillage while the plants are growing; and this is hoeing, which also destroys the weeds that would deprive the plants of their nourishment.