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Another word for congest

  1. To plug up something, as a hole, space, or container

      1. (--- Medicine) To interrupt or obstruct the functioning of (a physiological process), especially by the use of drugs.
      2. To indicate broadly without great detail; sketch. Often used with out:
      3. To stop or impede the passage of or movement through; obstruct:
      1. (Informal) To be unable to perform efficiently, as in a sporting event, because of tension, strong emotion, etc.
      2. To hold (a bat, golf club, etc.) away from the end of the handle and closer toward the middle
      3. To move one's fingers very close to the tip of a pencil, brush or other art tool.
      1. To thicken or stick together; clot.
      2. To become obstructed or choked up:
      3. To fill with obstructions or with thick, sticky matter; stop up; jam
      1. To bring to an end; finish
      2. To bring to an end; terminate:
      3. To draw or bind together the edges of:
      1. To restrain or check; hold back:
      2. To stop or seal with a cork
      3. (Baseball) To modify (a bat) by drilling a hole in the large end and filling it with cork or rubber: this practice is believed to give the batter an unfair advantage and is illegal
      1. To supply the things needed or called for in (an order, prescription, etc.)
      2. To stop or plug up (an opening, for example).
      3. To close or plug (holes, cracks, etc.)
      1. (Informal) To work or study hard and steadily; plod
      2. To stop up or fill (a hole, gap, etc.) by inserting a plug
      3. To connect with something so as to become attached, to close an electric circuit, etc.
      1. To be able to go no further; come to an end
      2. To bring to an end; discontinue
      3. To close (a bottle, jug, etc.) as with a cork or cap
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