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Another word for appease

  1. To ease the anger or agitation of

  2. To grant or have what is demanded by (a need or desire)

      1. To fulfill the need, desire, or expectation of:
      2. To fulfill (a need or desire):
      3. To free from doubt or question; convince:
      1. To yield to (a desire or whim); gratify:
      2. To yield to the desires or whims of (someone), often excessively:
      3. To grant an ecclesiastical indulgence or dispensation to.
      1. To please or satisfy:
      2. To give in to (a desire); indulge:
      3. To reward.
      1. To bring into actuality; effect or make real:
      2. To do, perform, or obey (a task or order, for example); carry out.
      3. To meet (a requirement or condition); satisfy.
      1. Something contained, as in a receptacle:
      2. The individual items or topics that are dealt with in a publication or document:
      3. The material, including text and images, that constitutes a publication or document.
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Another word for appease

  1. To satisfy

  2. To calm