Sentence Examples

  • Among the manufactures are wearing apparel, silk, glass, and silver ware.
  • Hank's downtown Charleston location is only a half mile from Marion square, a six and a half acre park, and a half mile from Charleston Bicycle Company, which offers a full line of bicycles for sale, as well as bike repair and running and cycling apparel.
  • But " foreign apparel " was only too apt to involve ideas of foreign worship (Zeph.
  • Punishment will fall upon an oppressive court, upon those who wear foreign apparel, and who " leap over the threshold " (v.
  • Chief amongst these are the Brahmans who minister for" unclean "Sudras and lower castes, including the makers and dealers in spirituous liquors; as well as those who officiate at the great public shrines or places of pilgrimage where they might be liable to accept forbidden gifts, and, as a matter of fact, often amass considerable wealth; and those who officiate as paid priests at cremations and funeral rites, when the wearing apparel and bedding of the deceased are not unfrequently claimed by them as their perquisites.