Sentence Examples

  • Though a cap this warm is less practical for wear during spring and summer, it's a fun and obscure alternative to basic fall and winter caps - especially for sporty guys who don't want to stray too far from their casual, comfy duds!
  • With a wide selection of pajamas, underwear, plenty of shirts, sweatshirts and sets available, anyone who loves this helpful little engine will be excited to get dressed in his favorite Thomas duds every day.
  • Sometimes, new fitness duds are a great motivator, so if a new T-shirt or snazzy Capris will inspire you to get moving, then buy a new exercise outfit for your next walk, run, aerobics routine or yoga class.
  • You can be a trendy shopper and outfit your toddler in the latest duds, but keep in mind that if you decide to put these clothes away for a future baby, extreme fads will be out of style by then.
  • Most guys who wear cool duds like these don't even shave.