Sentence Examples

  • In that garb he'd make a better spectator than anything else.
  • One look at her disheveled '70s garb, and she decided to change into pajamas.
  • Every Persian king was, at his accession, invested here, in the sanctuary of a warlike goddess (Anaitis ?), with the garb of Cyrus, and received a meal of figs and terebinths with a cup of sour milk (Plut.
  • With shaking hands, she dressed in the simple garb of a page and pulled her hood to cover her face.
  • They wear a distinctive garb and are not allowed to carry arms or live in the same quarter as Moslems. Another foreign element of considerable strength in the coast towns of Muscat, Aden and Jidda, is the British Indian trading class; many families of Indian origin also have settled at Mecca, having originally come as pilgrims.