A geared wheel
  1. cogwheel
  2. cog
  3. sprocket
  4. pinion
  5. toothed wheel
  6. spurwheel
  7. ragwheel
  8. lanternwheel
  9. high speed
  10. productivity
  11. efficiency
  12. activity
  13. usable
  14. efficient
  15. productive
  16. in working order
  17. low-speed
  18. gear-wheel
  19. slowness
  20. inactivity
  21. inefficiency
  22. inefficient
  23. not working
  24. inoperative
  25. alter one's approach
  26. proceed along a different course
  27. readjust
  28. geared wheel
Clothes or other personal belongings
To regulate
A mechanism for transmitting motion for some specific purpose (as the steering gear of a vehicle)
  1. gear mechanism
Equipment, such as tools or clothing, used for a particular activity:
  1. equipment

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