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Another word for appurtenance

  1. A subordinate element added to another entity

      1. Something added to complete a thing, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole.
      2. A section added to a book or document to give further information or to correct errors.
      3. A separate section devoted to a special subject inserted into a periodical, such as a newspaper.
      1. The act of attaching or the condition of being attached.
      2. Something, such as a tie, band, or fastener, that attaches one thing to another.
      3. A bond, as of affection or loyalty; fond regard.
      1. Something added or attached to an entity of greater importance or size; an adjunct.
      2. A part or organ, such as an arm, leg, tail, or fin, that is joined to the axis or trunk of a body.
      1. Something attached to another in a dependent or subordinate position.
      2. A person associated with another in a subordinate or auxiliary capacity.
      3. A clause or phrase added to a sentence that, while not essential to the sentence's structure, amplifies its meaning, such as for several hours in We waited for several hours.
      1. A subordinate or supplementary item; an adjunct.
      2. Something nonessential but desirable that contributes to an effect or result.
      3. One who knowingly assists a lawbreaker in the commission of a crime but does not actually participate in that crime.
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