Sentence Examples

  • The flitch-plate rests at one end on the top of this cam, and at the other end is shackled to the horizontal arm of a bell-crank lever which is pivoted on the frame.
  • To relieve the knife-edges from wear when the balance is not being used a triangular frame is provided, which is lifted and lowered by a cam action at the bottom, and moves vertically in guides fixed on the stand.
  • In his last campaigns he had completed with signal last cam - success the task which, as a military commander, he had set himself, - of giving to the United Provinces a thoroughly defensible frontier of barrier fortresses.
  • He was defeated in his cam p aign for the legislature in 1832, partly because of his unpopular adherence to Clay and the American system, but in his own election precinct, he received nearly all the votes cast.
  • This cam can be turned by hand in a vertical plane by means of a worm and wheel movement, and by turn - ing the worm the vertical distance between the bar which is attached to the springs and the rod which is attached to the racks can be increased or diminished, and thus the racks can be moved rela - tively to the springs.