Sentence Examples

  • If, however, your wife loves to dress up in her finery, then a very ornate item may be just the thing.
  • Made from delicate French silk, gorgeous interwoven straw and elegant pressed wool, antique doll hats are an important part of a doll's beautiful finery.
  • They continue to daily replicate the originally designed scents, while discovering new ones that fit in line with the philosophy of what Caron Paris has always stood for - excellence and finery for those who want the best for their skin.
  • The holiday season is especially charming at The Breakers when the entire mansion is decked in greenery and holiday finery.
  • TAWDRY, an adjective used to characterize cheap finery, and especially things which imitate in a cheap way that which is rich or costly, or adornments of which the freshness and elegance have worn off.