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Another word for fine print

  1. A small, often specialized element of a whole

      1. The quality or condition of being technical.
      2. Something meaningful or relevant only to a specialist:
      1. Of, belonging to, or associated with a specific person, group, thing, or category; not general or universal:
      2. Distinctive among others of the same group, category, or nature; noteworthy or exceptional:
      3. Of, relating to, or providing details; precise:
      1. A single article or unit in a collection, enumeration, or series.
      2. A clause of a document, such as a bill or charter.
      3. An entry in an account.
      1. An individual part or item; a particular:
      2. Particulars considered individually and in relation to a whole:
      3. A minor or an inconsequential item or aspect; a minutia:
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