Sentence Examples

  • Many people misunderstand the terminology involved in car weight ratings, but it's important to understand these values so that you know how much weight would overload your vehicle.
  • As for supplementation, doctors generally recommend not taking more than 1000 mg three times a day, and ask that you space it out so that you don't overload your system all at once.
  • Some of the 80s fashions may make you cringe now, but let's face it, the color overload, layering, and more-is-better fashion philosophy definitely reflected a spirit of fun.
  • Never overload your car or truck or tow more than the GVWR allows, since this can cause damage to the vehicle and may make it more difficult for you to stop safely or control your car.
  • Deleting iPhone apps is one way to deal with app overload, but if you still have storage capacity left, it may be better to organize your iPhone apps instead.