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Another word for hyperbolize

  1. To make (something) seem greater than is actually the case

      1. To give an exaggerated description or account
      2. To think, speak, or write of as greater than is really so; magnify beyond the fact; overstate
      3. To consider, represent, or cause to appear as larger, more important, or more extreme than is actually the case; overstate:
      1. To blow full or swell out as with air or gas; distend; expand; dilate
      2. To increase or raise beyond what is normal or valid
      3. To become inflated; swell
      1. To have the power of increasing the apparent size of an object, as a microscope or telescope does
      2. To increase the volume of (sound):
      3. To cause to seem or appear larger than is really so; increase the apparent size of, esp. by means of a lens or lenses
      1. To charge too much.
      2. To continue to charge an electric device beyond its electrical capacity
      3. To overstate or exaggerate.
      1. To state in exaggerated terms.
      2. To exaggerate; to state or claim too much.
      3. To give an extravagant or magnified account of (facts, truth, etc.); exaggerate