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Another word for conflagration

  1. The visible signs of combustion

      1. Any very bright, often hot, light or glare
      2. A brilliant mass or burst of flame; strongly burning fire
      3. A destructive fire.
      1. The discharge of firearms or artillery:
      2. Burning intensity of feeling; ardor or enthusiasm:
      3. A burning fuel:
      1. The zone of burning gases and fine suspended matter associated with rapid combustion; a hot, glowing mass of burning gas or vapor.
      2. The burning gas or vapor of a fire, seen as a flickering light of various colors; blaze
      3. A tongue of light rising from a fire
      1. A sudden outburst of flame
      2. A sudden outbreak, outburst or eruption (originally of flame, but now used more generally of any violent activity)
      3. A sudden outbreak of flame or light:
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Another word for conflagration

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